Ten Amorette

Two naughty girls, Sarah Gregory and Ten Amorette, get hard spankings on soft tender bottoms. Momma Dana Specht takes both girls with on vacation to Las Vegas. But when the pair of misbehaving young ladies stay out all night drinking, mom spanks the girls bottoms bright red. Dana was worried when the girls didn’t come […]

Failing to follow the house rules earns Ten Amorette a hard belt spanking, first over jeans and then on the bare bottom. Being a naughty girl, Ten doesn’t seem to care that she’s on restriction from using her cell phone. She disregards the fact she’s been grounded and continues doing whatever she wants. When daddy […]

Ten Amorette is in need of regular maintenance spankings to keep her well behaved. Ten isn’t always a good girl. In fact she’s always getting herself into trouble and acting like a naughty little girl. Her boyfriend Johnny Lake knows that his girl needs a weekly reminder of what punishment is like when she misbehaves. […]

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