Madison Martin

Madison Martin and Kay Richards reunite for a long overdue spanking in the special 200th episode of The two girls haven’t seen eachother for quite a while. There’s new roommates in the house and they both have different feelings on this subject. As usual a mild debate quickly gets out of hand and turns […]

Madison Martin and Snow Mercy have just become roommates. The girls decide that an introductory spanking will be a prefect start to their new living arrangement in the latest episode of My Spanking Roommate!. First Snow Mercy bends Madison Martin over her knee and gives her a sound spanking over her cute pink panties. Her […]

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In these Police Uniform OTK Spanking pictures from My Spanking Roommate naughty Madison Martin is partying late into the night and playing her music way too loud. This grabs the attention of police officer Stevie Rose. She bursts into Madison’s house in her police uniform. Madison tries talking her way out of the ticket and […]