Kelsey Wilde

House sitter Kelsey Wilde gets her Final Spanking with 100 Swats of the Crop! When her strict boss decides that his incompetent house sitter has earned herself a harsh penalty, Kelsey bares her bottom. Place your hands on the table and take your punishment Kelsey!! Her ample bottom reddens with each successive stoke of the […]

With her big round bouncy bottom Kelsey Wilde receives a hard home paddle punishment from her employer John when he notice a scratch on his prized Corvette! Miss Kelsey Wilde is questioned about the incident as it’s her job as the housesitter to keep his house in order while he was away. John decides that […]

Kelsey Wilde gets her first otk spanking at Firm Hand Spanking in the brand new spanking video series, House Sitter! Kelsey has a new job and a handsome new boss who is quite strict with new girls he hires. Her first day on the job as Mr. Stockton’s new house girl, Kelsey gets her first […]