Jessica Wood

Miss Jessica Wood is a stern and strict disciplinarian that administers painful spanking punishments to naughty girls that need to be properly spanked!

Naughty schoolgirl, Amber West, gets spanked otk then forced to ride the ‘bicycle of discipline’ as she’s strapped on the bare bottom! Amber has been caught by one the school’s senior students. Freshmen girls are not allowed on certain places on the campus. Senior student Jessica Wood is going to enforce these rules on her […]

Naughty reform school student Amber West gets spanked and strapped over panties and on her bare round bottom in the latest spanking video update from Northern Spanking! The film is titled “Borstal Girls”. In the Untied Kingdom a borstal is a youth correction center for delinquent offenders. Strict corporal punishments are often administered to the […]

Naughty girl Jenna Jay needs to get herself into shape. She hires Miss Jessica Wood as her personal trainer and receives some workout spanking discipline! In these latest update from, Jenna gets a hard paddling from her personal trainer during her exercise programs that keeps her disciplined. Her big bottom spanked as she works […]