Bonnie May

Bonnie May is a newcomer to the spanking scene. Looking so sexy as she's spanked in stocking then on her perfectly round spankable bottom! Unfortunately this may be her only spanking on film.

Sexy brunette Bonnie May gets caned nude when caught self spanking before a spanking video shoot! Sarah Stern catches her being a naughty girl and playing with various spanking implements before the planned filming of her spanking scene. Unfortunately by spanking herself she marks her bottom and this is not good for Sarah’s film. The […]

A bottom warming welcome to Bonnie May the newest girl at English Spankers! Beautiful brunette Bonnie May gets her first visit to strict Miss Sarah Stern’s office for a sexy f/f spanking in her tight black stockings! Her cute summer dress pulled up exposing her pantyhose covered bottom exposed to the sting of Miss Stern’s […]