Mature Woman Spanked By Younger Girl

Former madam and a beautiful mature older woman, Clare Fonda, gets a hard otk spanking from a hot younger girl, Kimberly Brix. The cute young hottie is working in the office of the cathouse. Former madam Clare wants her final paycheck. Kimberly tells the older woman that if she wants the envelope she must submit to a spanking on the bare bottom. Reluctantly, Clare agrees to being spanked. She thinks, “How hard can this little girl spank me, really?”. Madam Clare finds out the hard way that the young girl can give a very hard hand spanking. Kimberly even has extra special surprise for the older woman. She pulls out a wooden hairbrush and proceeds to spank her naughty bottom red in this hot mature spanking video from!

Kimberly Brix Spanks the Former Madam Clare Fonda – Kimberly Brix is a young hottie working in the office when Former Madam Clare comes in for an envelope. But Kimberly was instructed to spank Clare if she is to take the envelope. Clare is reluctant but submits and is quickly surprised by how hard this young lady can spank!


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