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Mature Spanking

Mature mom MzFionaX gets spanked otk by her daughter Lana Lopez in the latest mature spanking video update from Spanked Callgirls! When momma Fiona finds out the her young daughter has been working as a callgirl escort, she immediately tries to put a stop to it. She’s angry that her daughter is a sex worker, so she storms into the the office of the escort service where her daughter is working. Lana freaks out when she sees her mom. Fiona tells her in no uncertain terms that she’s leaving with her right now and her days of working as a callgirl are over. Lana is young and impetuous, she argues with her mother. Mom puts her over the knee and gives her a sound spanking on her bare bottom. Lana finally agrees to leave her job but only if she can spank her mommy too! FionaX knows this is her only chance to get her daughter back. Lana takes her mother over her knee and gives her mature bottom a good hard spanking. Mom gets spanked otk by her daughter with bare hand. Fiona can take the bottom smacking punishment that her daughter gives her. She’s happy when she’s finally able to take her daughter out of the escort agency but Lana whimpers and whines as they leave the office tearful after her mom’s mature spanking!

Mature Mom Spanked OTK

Lana Lopez is in the Callgirl office when her mother (played by MzFionaX) bursts in and insists that Lana come home with her and give up the biz. When Lana refuses, her mom convinces her by giving her a sound spanking. Lana will go, but only if she gets to spank mom back. Lana sniffles the whole time.

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