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In the latest update from Girl Spanks Girl we have free Mature Lesbian OTK Spanking pictures featuring Clare Fonda and new spanking starlet Ivy Sherwood. These mature spanking pictures are from the lesbian spanking video titled “Swim Coach Spanking”. Clare Fonda play the new swim coach and she visits star swimmer Ivy Sherwood at home to get her fitted for a new swimsuit. Clare finds Ivy asleep in her bed and begins fondling and touching her teen body. When Ivy wakes to Clare’s touch she’s shocked and feels violated. Ivy’s will tell the school dean and get her new coach fired if she’s doesn’t submit to a hard mature spanking punishment at the hands of this violated teen.

Clare Fonda is humiliated by teen Ivy Sherwood for inappropriate touching and violating her. Ivy humiliates and punishes Clare for her transgressions. Ordered to strip naked and bend over Ivy’s knee for a mature lesbian spanking on her bare bottom. See the full Mature Lesbian OTK Spanking Video at Girl Spanks Girl part of the CLARE FONDA NETWORK!

Swim Coach Spanking: New swim Coach Clare pays a surprise visit to her star swimmer Ivy Sherwood to make a personal introduction and to take Ivy’s “measurements” for a new swim suit. She fondles Ivy a bit, before Ivy wakes up, shocked to discover her new coach in her room, violating her space. Ivy will tell the dean on Clare, unless Clare agrees to be punished for this intrusion. Ivy humiliates Clare, ordering her to strip, and turns Clare’s bum bright red with a hand and hairbrush spanking.

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