Lying Girl Gets Hard Caning Over Chair

Cute blonde girl Ella Hughes gets hard caning over chair for lying. Sarah Stern has little patience for naughty girls bad behavior. Ella is late for their appointment and attempts to lie her way out of trouble. Ms Stern has heard it all before and isn’t fooled by this cute young girl. She gets Ella’s boyfriend on the phone and finds out the truth. Sarah also learns that this little cutie has been behaving badly at home too. Ella needs to be punished and Ms Stern will be the one to bring her to tears with an extra hard caning punishment is the latest severe spanking film at!

Caned For Telling Lies – Ella Hughes arrived late for a filming session, she then told some lies and tried to fool me. Well no one gets away with that. I phoned her boyfriend and told him about her behavior and he asked me to punish her very hard and also to give extra punishments for him for her behavior at home. She made her allotted number of films for the day and then it was time for the caning. This was one of the most severe caning I have administered and by the end Ella was in tears.


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