Lesbian Sex Slaves Disciplinary Punishment

These Lesbian Sex Slaves Disciplinary Punishment pictures are from a recent bdsm video update at The Upper Floor featuring Gabriella Paltrova and Mia Li. These lesbian sex slave get into a fight for power over which girl will be the house master’s favorite slave. Mia gets caught in her attempts to undermine the new girls favored position in the masters eyes and earns herself some special attention from this strict house master. In the form of this lesbian sex slaves disciplinary punishment. She ordered to serve her masters every demand. She bound, gagged and electrocuted plus she gets bare bottom discipline as well. Also Mia is forced fucked choked with the masters huge cock. Dominated and forced to submit to the new house favorite eating her tight twat and licking her tiny asshole are all part of this lesbian sex slaves disciplinary punishment!

Mia Li gets into trouble and gets caught in a play for power by her strict master as she tries to undermine Gabriella Paltrova new postion as the house’s favorite lesbian sex slave. When her strict master drops the firm hand of discipline on this naughty lesbian sex slave, she will be very sorry. Begging for his forgiveness Mia is forced into lesbian sex slavery and becomes the good little submissive sex slave after catering to her strict masters every sadistic desire!

The Favorite Slave: When House slave Mia Li breaks the rules, the Master of the House takes Gabriella Paltrova as his new favorite. But Mia is not having it, and when Master is away she takes her revenge on the undeserving underling. Mia pays a high price for her underhanded power grab however and suffers at the tip of the cattle prod as Master fucks his favorite.

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