Lesbian Schoolgirl Spanking

The latest Lesbian Schoolgirl Spanking update from Spanking Sorority Girls featuring spanking starlets Melissa Jacobs and Alyssa Reese. This lesbian schoolgirl spanking update is titled “Spanked On Already Sore Bottoms” and these lesbian schoolgirls are quite naughty. Beginning this erotic lesbian spanking scene both girls have red and sore marked bottoms from a previous spanking encounter. Alyssa refuses to admit see has sexual feelings for Melissa so these schoolgirls have another disagreement and this on ends with a firm bare bottom lesbian spanking for both of these teen girls. At the end of this schoolgirl spanking the girls finally let their sexual feeling show and end their lesbian spanking with sensual lesbian kissing for these two spanking starlets!

These naughty schoolgirls get very sensual and sexy during their lesbian spanking encounter. The two teen have obvious sexual chemistry and makes this lesbian schoolgirl spanking the scene so fucking hottt, sensual and incredibly erotic!

Spanked on Already Sore Bottoms: Alyssa Reese and Melissa Jacobs are back at it again, even though both were spanked recently and already have sore, marked bottoms. Another disagreements ends with them both spanking one another. Good spanking action with two sexy girls. Alyssa has trouble admitting she likes Melissa and gets spanked for it. And of course must kiss Melissa.

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