Kitchen Spoon Spanking

Kitchen Spoon Spanking

Cute and sexy Rosie Ann gets spanked in the kitchen with heavy wooden spoon in the latest update from AAA Spanking. Being the very naughty girl that she is, Rosie Ann knows what she wants and she has her know ideas of the perfect fantasy spankings. She wanted to be spanked in various positions including being suspended from a crossbar upside down with her legs above her head. Then bound to the St. Andrews Cross in crotchless bloomers and punished with a heavy rubber strap. And finally my favorite of this series of Rosie Ann’s requested punishments…A Heavy Wooden Spoon Spanking!! Rosie wanted a kitchen spanking and she got exactly what she wants! A hard bare bottom spanking with a dense oak spoon that was specially made of Rosie’s special kitchen spanking scene! Rosie endured countless hard swats with the oak spoon that reddened her beautiful bottom very nicely! She took her kitchen spanking like a good girl should taking the large swings and multiple whacks on her cute and sexy round bottom!!

Spanked Wooden Spoon

Here’s what SpankChief has to say about the latest update at
“Rosie wanted to be spanked and punished in a variety of positions of her choosing. Knowing Rosie, we knew that this would be interesting and you will not be disappointed. This final request was for a kitchen scene and where this awesome video ended with her getting countless swats and whacks with this implement. In all, there are 24 minutes of non stop hard hitting punishment action for you to view and this video features special “slo-mo” scenes as well as bonus footage at the end!”


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