Humiliating Spanking Naked and Blindfolded

Sarah Gregory is stripped naked and blindfolded for a humiliating spanking punishment. Domestic discipline therapist, Chelsea Pfeiffer, strips her nude, humiliates and spanks her into behaving like a contrite young lady in this long hard spanking humiliation video from!


Sarah Gregory had been sent to a domestic discipline therapist (played by Chelea Pfeiffer). Sarah always got turned on by her boyfriend’s spanking even when he was actually trying to scold & punish her for real. This obviously meant she wasn’t always learning her lesson & becoming more of a brat! He left her in Chelsea’s capable hands & poor Sarah faced a rather humiliating 20 minute session in which Chelsea used all the associated things Sarah had derived as pleasure then turned them against her. She even blindfolded her, stripping Sarah of her dignity… & practically slut shamed her in her first visit. Sarah quickly learnt that it was better to be a contrite young lady rather than a brat when she had misbehaved!


Sarah has been a very naughty girl. Her boyfriend has been giving her regular discipline spankings to control her behavior. But she has been getting too much pleasure from being punished. She gets hot and sexually excited at the mere thought of being spanked. This has caused her to become a very bratty girl. She knows that if she acts like a brat she will get spanked and this is exactly what she wants. Sarah’s boyfriend wants scold, spanked and punish her for real. She’s not learning her lesson if she is enjoying the punishment. To break her of this bad behavior, sends his naughty girlfriend to domestic discipline therapy. Her therapist, Chelsea, has proven herself very effective at disciplining naughty young ladies. She has many ways to break bad girls by stripping away everything she got pleasure from and using it against her. She strips Sarah of her clothing and dignity. Then blindfolds and humiliates her with a slut shaming. Sarah must endure a long and hard, humiliating spanking discipline therapy session. Sarah is helpless and broken, naked and humiliated as she’s spanked with paddles, riding crops, whips and bare hand. She learns very quickly that it’s better to behave like a contrite young lady than act like a spoiled little brat!


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