Halfway House Spankings

Halfway House Spankings

Two naughty residents of the halfway house, Amelia Jane Rutherford and Aleesha Fox, are getting themselves into trouble again and breaking the house noise restrictions. A raucous pillow fight between the two ladies alerts the head of staff, Zoe Page. She hears the girls noisy late-night antics and issues another sexy bedroom spanking on the two naughty offenders. Miss Page demands that the ladies under her charge follow the halfway house rules with no exception. Punishments are swiftly administered when the rules are broken and tonight both girls will be feeling the sting in their soon to be very sore bottoms in the latest hot f/f spanking video from Bars-and-Stripes.com!

Naughty Girls Spanked in Halfway House

Two naughty girls punished at halfway house

Two halfway house residents get very sore bottoms!

Nosiy halfway house residents spanked and paddled

Girls at halfway house spanked for bad behavior

Sexy spanking punishment for two ladies at the halfway house

Pillow Fight at Halfway House

In the halfway house inmates Amelia and Aleesha were supposed to be asleep but they got into an argument over a hairbrush and a pillow fight ensued. Officer Page heard the racket and with her leather paddle and hard hand, she made sure those two noisy little madams went to sleep with very sore bottoms.


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