Goldie’s First Lesbian Spanking

Goldie's First Lesbian Spanking

There’s a new girl at Girl Spanks Girl and her name is Goldie! She’s a beautiful golden haired goddess with a pert round ass the just begs to be spanked! Goldie gets her very first lesbian spanking when she find a genie in a bottle. After rubbing the bottle she’s visited by a genie (played by gorgeous blonde Gigi Allens). Goldie is given three wishes. Her first wish is to have the most incredibly sexy, hot and steamy make-out session with Gigi! (Really who wouldn’t want that!) After some sexy lesbian kissing and a very sensual massage Goldie’s asks her wish giving genie if she was the best she ever had. When Gigi tells her no, Goldie takes her second wish. She wishes to spank Gigi’s bare bottom! She takes the sexy genie over her knee and spanks her curvy round bottom! She gives Gigi continuous hard hand swats on her bare ass that marks her bare bottom cheeks nicely. Her ass glow rosy red as the sting turns to a spreading warmth. Goldie’s final wish is that she gets everything she deserves! And an angry Gigi Allens gives exactly that by spanking her otk and returning the favor! She turns young Goldie towards the mirror so she can see her face as she’s spanked!

Goldie Spanks Gigi Allens

Lesbian OTK Spanking

Gigi Allens Spanks Goldie

Bare Bottom Lesbian Spanking

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