Girlfight Ends with Prison Spanking

Girlfight Prison Spanking

Jail inmate Sophie Parker starts a girlfight with female prison guard Zoe Page and it ends with the young offender getting a hard panties down spanking on her exposed bottom with bare hand and paddle! Sophie has a history of bad behavior. Her problem with authority runs deep. She does not like to be told what to do. Sophie is also a kleptomaniac and she loves to steal! When she gets caught going through the warden’s desk drawers a girlfight begins between her and officer Zoe…

Spanked in Prison

Prison Spanking Sophie Parker The girls wrestle on the floor. Hair pulling, scratching, pinching and bottom smacking ensues. The girls fight wildly for control until inmate Sophie takes it too far by breaking an ashtray over officer Page’s head!

Officer Zoe takes charge of the situation and bends inmate Sophie over the desk. She pulls her panties down, exposing her bouncy round ass and gives her one hell of a bare bottom spanking with her hand. With her curvy bottom completely exposed and colored brightly red, Miss Page grabs her punishment paddle and finishes the job of disciplining the rowdy inmate into submission!

Prison guard Zoe Page punishes the rebellious convict for her rebellious behavior. A strict disciplinary spanking and hard paddling punishment helps keep the bad girls behaving properly in this women’s prison. If word gets out about this girlfight then anarchy may spread further with more fights breaking out around the jail. Zoe must work hard to keep the girls in line and she does, the only way she knows how…with hard spankings and strict discipline!

Office Zoe Page caught inmate Sophie Parker red handed while she was in the Governor’s office going through his things. A girlfight ensued and both were soon on the floor scratching, pulling, pinching and spanking each other. When Sophie broke an ashtray over Zoe’s head, she realized she had gone to far. Zoe took charge and spanked and paddled the rebellious little madam soundly!




    • OTKGirl on April 26, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    I love these pics! Sophie Parker has such a spankable bottom. It just begs to be spanked.

    • Henry on April 29, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    Two very sexy girls!

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