Ginger Sparks Big Bottom Spanking

Big Bottom Spanking

Junior data analyst Ginger Sparks gets her big bottom spanked for her slutty office attire on casual Friday in the latest update from Northern Spanking! Ginger’s version of casual Friday means she’s wearing the skimpiest outfit she can find. Her short shorts leave very little to the imagination with her big round bottom on display. When her boss get continuous complaints her summons Ginger into his office. Mr. Kennedy sees that her clothes are completely inappropriate for work and chastises her for her poor wardrobe choices but the message is just not getting through to her. So Mr. Kennedy must take another tact with his employee. her bends Ginger over his desk and gives her big bottom a hard spanking over her short jean shorts! She offers to gets a change of clothes from her car but it’s too little, too late. Her boss has other plans for her now! He finds her incredibly inappropriate choice of shorts to be most offensive. She’s ordered to remove her booty shorts and expose her big round ass. Underneath her little shorts, Ginger is wearing the tiniest g-sting panties ever! Mr. Kennedy is infuriated that ever her undergarments are slutty. He grabs a thick leather paddle and gives her a big bottom spanking on her bare cheeks! Her curvy round bottom glows red from a hard paddling punishment. Ginger finally makes the promise to her boss that she’ll change into something more appropriate but the look she give him as she’s leaving his office make Mr. Kennedy think that she’ll be bent over his desk again very soon!

Ginger Sparks Spanked

This spanking film really caught my attention for it’s story-telling and the big bottom of Ginger Sparks. Here’s what the folks at have to say: “Featuring Ginger Sparks and shot just last week in Los Angeles, this film tells the story of a harried office manager having to discipline one of his junior data analysts for taking the concept of dress-down Friday quite a lot too far! This is a story I have wanted to film for some time and it proved a perfect role for Ginger, her ad-libbed dialogue and timing are superb. This might well become one of my top ten Northern Spanking films ever!” -Paul Kennedy

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