First Slave Training Spanking

In these First Slave Training Spanking pictures from a recent update at KinkUniversity the beautiful pornstar Janice Griffith in her first slave training spanking video shoot titled “BDSM Unbound: Kink Without Tools Or Ties. She’s gets a firm handed otk spanking by Mistress January Frost, an experienced domme. Janice gets her first taste of the bdsm spanking lifestlye where Mistress January Frost teaches her audience how to dominate a beautiful young sub without rope or bondage but only a bare hands and a commanding voice! Janice Griffith will remember her first otk slave training spanking for a long time to come!

A good BDSM scene does not require you to buy expensive equipment like stocks, or toys like floggers, or even bind someone with rope or chains. Mistress January Frost demonstrates how you can create a fulfilling scene using just your own voice, body, and bare hands. Utilize whatever clothing or furniture surrounds you. Take control with commands and corrections. Use your eyes and improvise. True dominance knows no bounds.

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