Female Inmate OTK And Belt Spanking

Spanked otk in female prison

Female prison inmate, Fae Corbin, has been sentenced to a long stay in the maximum security correctional center for women. So far her stay in the women’s prison has not been good. She’s already been punished multiple times and the guards have had enough of her disruptive behavior. So when she wakes some of the other female inmates during the night with her loud screaming, young Fae Corbin gets and hard otk hand spanking over panties, then on the bare bottom! That’s not the end of this girl’s punishment. Officer Lewis decides that she needs an even more severe disciplinary punishment. He removes his thick leather belt and gives the unruly inmate a painful belt spanking on her burning bottom!

Female prison inmate otk spanking and belting

Prison spanking bare bottom

female prisoner gets painful belt spanking

Bare bottom belt spanking for prison inmate Fae Corbin


Inmate Fae Corbin was having a nightmare dreaming about the thrashings and spankings she already had and she was making so much noise, she was waking up the other inmates. Officer Lewis heard her and woke her up. He then proceeded to give her a sound spanking and a good bare bottom belting.


Bars And Stripes Spanking

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    • Jo Russell on May 2, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    My husband and I have an arrangement. He calls me and tells me how he wants me to be. I have 30 minutes to get into position. One of his favorites is for me to have my bottom bare, ankles bound together bent over a certain table gagged with my arms tied together. When he arrives he proceeds to spank me. His favorite implements are the belt and strap. He keeps them oiled and ready. He gives it to me hard and fast. On weekends he takes me way out in the woods and has me drop my pants to my ankles and panties below the knee and bend over into the bed of his truck at the back. He says I can scream all I want and no one will hear. he occasionally uses a paddle but the usually the belt and strap. In winter he has me pull down my pants and panties and sit in the snow and make my bottom cold. He says I know I’ve been spanked that way. He has spanked me in front of his male friends, always bare bottom.

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