Father Spanks Teen Daughter Sarah Gregory

Father Spanks Teen Daughter Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory in Father Spanks Teen Daughter father daughter spanking video from Momma Spankings! The teen spanking video Daddy Spanks For Momma has Sarah Gregory at home alone with daddy. Momma is away on her vacation and cannot discipline her teen daughter Sarah for her most current infractions. So her father must take over the domestic discipline duties. Disciplining this naughty teen daughter is a full time job. Her first infraction of having a messy room calls for bare bottom otk spanking with her pyjamas bottoms down. Her round ass spanked red already but Sarah’s father daughter spanking isn’t over yet. Momma’s instructed daddy to administer a severe bare bottom strapping to his misbehaving teen daughter as well!

Teen Daughter Spanked By Father

Naughty Sarah’s father spanks teen daughter otk and bare bottom strapping leaves her round ass red! She this strict father spank his teen daughter while momma is away. Sarah breaks the house rules and must receive strict home discipline. Her infractions warrant her pyjamas pulled down for full access to her bare bottom for a hard otk spanking. Her pyjamas are removed fully for a completely nude bare bottom strapping for a more severe infraction. This teen daughters strict domestic discipline comes direct from momma and a strict father daughter spanking is in order!

Daddy Spanks For Momma: Momma is away on her summer vacation and can’t discipline Sarah because of it. She sends Daddy Paul an email about some infractions Sarah has collected. The first is her messy room, once again, and the second, a bit more serious; insulting herself and putting herself down. Daddy gives Sarah an OTK spanking for her first infraction but the second one warrants her to strip down and lay over the pillows for a bare bottom strapping.

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