Erotic Sensual Lesbian Spanking

Erotic Sensual Lesbian Spanking

Candle Boxxx gets sensual lesbian spanking from Sarah Gregory in these Erotic Sensual Lesbian Spanking pictures! From a recent spanking video update at Sarah Gregory Spanking, blonde bombshell Candle Boxxx gets a bare bottom lesbian spanking on her fine round ass! Her perfect bottom begs to be spanked. This is no punishment spanking, no, this is a good girl spanking! Sarah spanks her lesbian submissive to reward her good behavior. A good girl’s spanking play for Candle Boxxx in this erotic sensual lesbian spanking has her tight pussy dripping wet. Her perfect twat is glistening for her sensual spanking on her perfectly spankable bottom!

Sensual Lesbian Spanking

Her tight pussy dripping wet from her erotic lesbian spanking. Candle Boxxx gets good girl spanking reward for being a well behaved submissive. See more of Sarah Gregory spanking Candle Boxxx’s perfect ass in the full Erotic Sensual Lesbian Spanking Video available exclusively at SGS! CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS TO SENSUAL LESBIAN SPANKING VIDEOS NOW!!

Candle has laid out all her favorite spanking toys for Sarah. She sits submissively waiting for her dominant/girlfriend, Sarah, to come in. She asks Sarah for a good girl spanking, this is the kind she likes. A lot of grabbing, touching, warm up, and all different toys. This is not a punishment or hard spanking. Just two girls having some sexy fun together.

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    • Tim on November 25, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    great with 2 cute girls .

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