Erotic Lesbian Spanking Orgasms

Blonde teen Lily Swan gets spanked to orgasm by Joelle Barros in the new erotic lesbian spanking pictures from AAA Spanking! Lily’s pert young bottom gets spanked “50 shades of red” by her lesbian lover Joelle. The girls have been wanting to get more kinky and submissive Lily wants her girlfriend Joelle to dominate her. Joelle spanks her lover’s bare ass as she masturbates to orgasm!

Pain and pleasure go hand in hand when young lesbian couple tries “50 Shades” style spanking sex! Joelle dominates her sexy lesbian lover. Lily gets spanked with a variety of spanking implements as she rubs her wet pussy and makes herself cum! This kinky and erotic sexy lesbian spanking shows an cute blonde teen Lily Swan fingering herself to an explosive orgasm as she’s getting spanked by her beautiful Brazilian lover Joelle Barros! This is one hot, steamy and sexy spanking scene!! HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!


Lily Swan & Joelle Barros are lovers – Lily suggested something a little different and kinky one evening as they lay on the bed together in their sexy lingerie… Lily had been hiding a secret and wanted to try something a little more kinky and explore her submissive side with her girlfriend. All that “50 Shades” hype had made Lily curious and she had secretly bought a stash of spanking implements and wanted Joelle to try them out on her. Lily was excited when Joelle finally agreed to requests that she said she’d like to try and orgasm when her girlfriend used these on her, experiencing the delicious pangs of pain with the pleasure of ecstasy. See both combine to give Lily a very real shuddering orgasm as she fingers herself off whilst Joelle marks her bottom a glorious shade of crimson at the same time! This is hot stuff!


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