Drunk Girl Hairbrush Spanking OTK

Chloe Amour Spanks Drunk Girl Veronica Ricci

Sexy redhead Veronica Ricci is drunk at work again. She can be really naughty and troublesome when she’s had too much to drink. As part of her hazing as the new girl working at the cathouse, Chloe Amour is ordered to babysit Veronica’s drunk ass! Immediately Veronica starts acting like a drunk fool. Chloe quickly gets tired of her drunken nonsense and puts Veronica over her knee for a hard bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush!

OTK Spanking For Drunk Girl Veronica Ricci

Veronica is shocked as Chloe puts her over her knee, pulls up her dress and beings spanking her bottom! Chloe Amour beings spanking Veronica’s drunk ass with her bare hand. Chloe is angry at Veronica’s drunk antics and can’t wait to administer punishment. She continues hand spanking Veronica as she pulls down her panties and gets the hairbrush ready for a proper punishment!

Drunk Girl OTK Hairbrush Spanking

In her drunken state of mind, Veronica starts to enjoy the new girl dominating her. She cracks a coy little smile. She’s getting quite turned on by the whole experience. Veronica gets wet between her legs as she lays helplessly across Chloe’s lap! She takes her hairbrush spanking punishment like a good little girl!

Drunk Girl Cornertime Punishment

Chloe Amour isn’t finished with her yet. There’s a final punishment waiting for drunk Veronica Ricci. Chloe orders that she must stand, facing the wall with her bright red bottom on display and think about what she’s done!



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