Double Military Uniform Spanking

Military Uniform Spanking

The latest military uniform spanking video at Spanked in Uniform features Julie and Scarlett who get the dreaded double spanking from Lieutenant Page and the Colonel. The two girls are caught smuggling beer into the academy dorms. Lieutenant Page decides that a strict punishment is in order for the unruly cadets. She brings both girls into the Colonel’s office for a disciplinary hearing. He finds them guilty for breaking the academy’s rules about alcohol on base. Their sentence … a hard panties down double spanking! The senior officers sit facing each other and the cadets are taken over their knees! The girls bottoms are spanked twice as much in the same amount of time. Increasing their punishment with this rapid pace. The double spanking stings their bottoms twice as much! This adds an extra bit of pain to their already humiliating punishment!!

Spanked In Military Uniforms

In part two cadets Scarlett and Julie report for their bare bottom salute tawsings. This means they have to bare their bottoms, touch their toes, and they get a hard tawse stroke. Then they have to salute the officer and step away. Both cadets were soundly tawsed by the Colonel and Lieutenant Page and left with very sore striped behinds under their uniforms.

Sore Bottom Military Girls

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