Dorothy Burnett Spanked and Slippered

Dorothy Burnett Spanked and Slippered

Rebellious teen, Dorothy Burnett, finds herself in getting spanked and slippered for breaking curfew and coming home very late. Her father, Paul Kennedy, is angry with his daughter’s disregard for his rules.

She casually walks through the door at the break of dawn. She’s been out partying all night long with her friends. But this naughty young teen with her dyed purple hair is in for a rude awakening when she’s taken over her father’s knee and spanked hard over panties. Then with her bottom reddening fast, her panties are pulled down to expose her tender young cheeks to a hard otk hand spanking.

But daddy’s isn’t done with naughty little girl yet. Her punishment continues as she’s bent over the desk and given a hard slippering on her naughty young bottom that’ll make her think twice about breaking the house rules again anytime soon!

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OTK Spanking Over Panties

Panties Down OTK Spanking

Dorothy Burnett Spanked OTK

Panty Spankings

Spanked Panties Down OTK

Rebellious Teen Dorothy Burnett gets firm chastising and hard punishment from angry father.

Bare Bottom Slippering

Panties Down Slippering

Spanked Red Bottom leaves Dorothy Burnett sore and remoseful.

Slipper Spanking Gif

Explain Yourself, Dorothy!

Dawn is breaking as Dorothy rolls home from a party she was supposed to be back from by midnight! A good deal of anger is awaiting her and, after excuses have been listened to and dismissed, Dorothys bottom finds itself on the receiving end of a sound OTK spanking followed by a good slippering. Dorothy is grounded for, like, a century!


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