Domestic Discipline: Family Spanking Lesson

This mother daughter spanking domestic discipline video update from AAA Spanking starring Sarah Gregory as a soon to be wife. Sarah pays a vist to show off her new fiancé to her mother and mom takes a liking to her new boyfriend. As mom and her new son-in-law get to taking about how her daughter needs to be disciplined to keep her behaving properly. Mom shares her secrets on disciplining her daughter with her new man. Her husband becomes quite interested in spanking his new wife and this strict mom demonstrates her daughter discipline with a good hard otk spanking on her daughters bare bottom. Mom hands over the domestic discipline duties to her new son as she instruct him as he spanks her daughter over his knee with hard swats from his bare hand!!

Momma’s Sound Advice: Sarah is in love and is bursting with happiness telling Momma all about her new beau. Momma is delighted she is so happy and asks to meet the boy she wants to marry. John, her new love, is waiting outside to meet his future mother-in-law and Sarah gushes with pride as she makes the introductions. Momma will give John the typical interview then inform him what happens to Sarah when she gets moody, sassy, misbehaves, or anything else that doesn’t sit well with her. She tells him she spanks her and shows him exactly how to do it. John is very curious and wants to try his hand at spanking his fiance, which he does quite well. Momma is happy that her daughter will leave the nest and be well taken care of when necessary. This 40 minute film guest stars Dana Specht as Sarah’s formidable “Scene Mom” with her legendary scolding and hard hitting hand doing all that is necessary.




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