Dani Daniels Spanking Melanie Taylor OTK

Dani Daniels Spanking

Sexy Penthouse Pet Dani Daniels gives her college sorority sister Melanie Taylor a sound spanking on her bare bottom in the most recent spanking video series at Firm Hand Spanking! An argument ensues between the two college roommates and it’s a score best settled by a good old fashioned otk spanking! Melanie must strip down to her sexy black bra and panties which is a little humiliating for her. Once she’s almost nude, Dani takes over the knee. Her panties are pulled down below her round ass and she’s given a bare hand otk spanking on her bouncy bottom! She’s never been spanked like this before. Melanie Taylor is humiliated at being spanked like a little girl. She may be in college but she’s not a little girl anymore. She vows take revenge on Dani Daniels for spanking her like this. She will get her sexy sorority sister over her knee very soon! She’s going to humiliated and punish her spankable bottom even worse that Dani did to her!

Dani Daniels Spanks Melanie Taylor

Dani Daniels, named by CNBC in 2014 and 2015 as a top 12 porn star, winner of multiple awards and Penthouse Pet in 2012, spanks gorgeous Melanie Taylor in Sorority Sisters. We’re thrilled to have these two hotties back! Melanie was last seen in 2012. Plus booty-bouncing slow-mo replay and Dani and Melanie talk butt shapes!


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