Courtney Shea Spanks Pandora

courtney spanks pandora panties down

Courtney Shea is not happy with her roommate agreement. Her lawyer Pandora Blake watched her spanking her roommate during a couples spanking. Then the girls took their revenge on Pandora. Well now Courtney Shea goes crazy! She barges into her lawyer’s office during working hours! Pandora quickly takes charge of the situation. She administers a hard spanking on the intruder’s bottom. Courtney fights back against her panties down spanking. She refuses to be dominated by her lawyer. Being spanked by her lawyer drives Courtney Shea crazy. Refusing to submit, she fights back and overpowers her spanker. She wrestles Pandora over her knee and gives her a sound otk spanking over her panties! After she’s been well spanked it’s time for Pandora the lawyer to get a panties down spanking on her bare ass!

courtney shea spanks pandora blake

These emotionally driven ff spanking pictures are from “Episode 189: Courtney Goes Crazy On Pandora” from the spanking soap opera site My Spanking Roommate. Starring spanking models Pandora Blake and Courtney Shea, you won’t want to miss this episodic spanking that just keeps getting crazier!

pandora blake spanks courtney shea

Courtney Shea has lost her mind. She barges into Pandora Blake’s law office and demands justice and a new roommate. Pandora attempts to explain the legal system, but Courtney won’t be reasonable. Pandora tries spanking her, but that only makes Courtney even crazier, which drives her to spank Pandora, until she can throw her out of her office.


my spanking roommate

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