Corporal Punishment Paddling

Corporal Punishment Paddling

Adriana Evans finds herself painful predicament with a corporal punishment paddling from the school headmaster! Headmaster, David Pierson, catches young Adriana in the janitor’s closet having sex with one of her male classmates. She was found in possession of marijuana as well. Needless to say this delinquent teen is in more trouble than she can handle! Mr. Pierson gives his naughty student a choice, two days of corporal punishment with the school paddle or complete expulsion!

Adriana reluctantly accepts her punishment. The first day of her punishment was 25 hard whacks with the wooden paddle. She was utterly shocked! It was little consolation that the first 5 whacks would be administered over her jeans. Unfortunately for Adriana the final 20 whacks with the school paddle would be administered on her bare bottom! The school’s corporal punishment policy dictated that unruly girls remove all clothing below the waist. The school’s method of punishment resulted in an extremely humiliating spanking punishment for the young teen.

Adriana Evans Spanking Paddle Punishment

Adriana Evans Punished Bare Bottom Paddling

Bare Bottom Paddling Adriana Evans Punishment

Bare Bottom Whacked Wooden Paddle Corporal Punishment

Severe Paddling Punishment

Sore Bottom Adriana Evans Corporal Punishment Paddling

Adriana’s Punishment Paddling

After Adriana had suffered through all twenty-five whacks of the paddle, she was instructed to remain in place with her marked bottom on display. As she remained on her knees, whishing the pain from her punished bottom would go away, she wondered, “What fresh hell awaits me tomorrow?”



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