College Cheerleader Spanking and Paddling

Cute college cheerleader Adriana Evans gets a hard spanking and paddling from angry female coach. Staying out all night partying and missing the big game means big trouble for captain of cheer squad. Coach Sarah Gregory finds the selfish little brat sleeping off a massive hangover in a downtown hotel room. The naughty young cheer girl be punished for letting down her teammates. Adriana was shocked as mean Miss Gregory burst though the door and started spanking her very hard right away. Kneeling on all fours with cheerleader skirt lifted and panties down. Adriana’s young bottom exposed to a stinging hand spanking from the angry coach. Even though the cheer girl was already embarrassed and close to tears, Coach Sarah decided humiliated even further. For such a severe offense, Adriana was forced to ask for a spanking with a wooden paddle on her already tender and very red bottom at!

Hungover and Humiliated – Adriana has missed the game because she had been partying the night before. Coach Gregory eventually found the sleeping brat nursing a huge hangover in a random hotel room and was so angry that she started spanking her really hard! Adriana was in shock and close to tears but Miss Gregory hadn’t finished with her yet as she had let the squad down so badly that she decided to humiliate her too. She used a wooden paddle on her bare exposed bottom, making her “ask” for the paddling. She knew that this would humiliate Adriana further, as was very stubborn. Then Miss Gregory informed her that she would investigate rumors about her lesbian activities that were distracting the squad! It was not a good day for Adriana to cross her tough female coach!




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