Black Schoolgirl Spanked By Teacher

Black Girl Spanked Student

Black schoolgirl Lola Marie defies her teacher and earns herself a taste of strict school discipline in the latest black girl spanking video from AAA Spanking! Lola tries to pretend that she’s keeping up on her schoolwork but her poor grades tell another story. Her parents decide to hire a tutor to help Lola Marie with her classwork and provide the necessary discipline and motivate this lazy schoolgirl into taking her schooling seriously!

Black Student Spanked By Teacher

Black Schoolgirl Paddling

Mr. Osborne knows how to properly motivate lazy schoolgirls like Lola Marie. When she fails to live up to her strict tutor’s high expectations Lola is given a harsh lesson in discipline. Dressed in her school uniform she’s ordered to get up onto the table, kneeling on all fours with her tender black bottom exposed for a hard hand spanking and severe paddling!

Spanking Black Girls

Lola Marie is embarrassed and humiliated by her punishment! She learns quickly that her bad behavior will be severely punished! A spanking on all fours for this black schoolgirl is just the beginning if she doesn’t start behaving properly fast!


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