Big Bottom Spanking for Ami Mercury

Spanking Ami Mercury

Ami Mercury gets her big bottom spanked in the latest update at Punished Brats! Ami is away at college. She thinks that living off campus is going to be amazing. She will finally get to attend parties and even throw some of her own. Ami has always sort of a nerdy girl and now she hopes to finally become one of the cool kids. Little does she know, her father has agreed to her living off campus but there are stings attached. College student Ami Mercury will have a nanny living with her. A rent-a-mom of sorts. Her nanny Veronica Bound will live with her, cook and clean the house, plus administer discipline when necessary for poor Ami. When her father told her that she’d be supervised 24/7, Ami was quite upset. So when her nanny Veronica arrived she was very disrespectful towards her. Veronica showed her who is in charge of this house by taking young Ami over her knee, stripping off her jeans and panties, and giving a big bottom spanking on her ample ass! Swat after swat on Ami Mercury’s big bottom reddens her up nicely. Her dreams of being the cool kid fading faster with each additional smack on her exposed bottom!

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    • J├╝rgen on April 25, 2016 at 6:28 am

    Ami Mercury is gorgeous!!! Her stunning figure is breathtaking!!!
    I highly recommend her vid “Chubby Wife Spanked For Gambling”
    published on “Spankingtube”

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