Bedtime Caning In Pajamas

Bedtime Spanking In Pajamas for Joelle Barros

Naughty teen, Joelle Barros, gets caned over pajamas and on her bare bottom! Young schoolgirl Joelle has been caught sneaking out of her room and stealing herself a midnight snack. A very serious offense at this school for wayward girls. Joelle’s bedtime caning begins when a staff member follows her back to her room with the punishment cane in hand. She’s ordered onto the bed. Pillows are placed underneath her to properly position her bottom for punishment. Her pajama bottoms are removed and she gets a sound hand spanking. Her bottom now warmed and red, her real punishment begins! Multiple strokes of the cane ensure that she learns her lesson!

Spanked at Bedtime In Pajamas

Bedtime Caning In Pajamas for Joelle Barros

Bare Bottom Caning In Pajamas at Bedtime

Caned at Bedtime In Pajamas

Midnight Spanking Punishment: Bedtime Caning

Joelle had snuck into the staff room late at night to take back some cookies to her room for a “midnight feast” as she was starving and fed up with the strict diets imposed on the girls at the boarding school. However, she had greedily consumed some cookies on the way back to her room before snacking on the rest, leaving a trail of crumbs for Mr Osborne to discover. He tracked the staff room incursion back to Joelle’s bedroom and confronted her over the theft. Cane in hand, ever prepared, Mr Osborne knew Joelle had no excuse. She took a hard no nonsense caning and spanking punishment over her pajamas and on her bare bottom!



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